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To Nothing.
dodo.here some what sucky person, 21 Dec 2001 23:11
just do this. make people smile, and laugh out loud, and grin with wonder.

To Nothing.
foe me me, 29 Dec 2001 14:54

To Nothing.
a title. auto, 13 Feb 2002 23:21
um... i'm a little confused... but this site has made me smile...

To Nothing.
CUTE PAGE! Dani, 12 Jul 2002 02:05
cute page

To Afeya.
afeya Afeya, 15 Apr 2003 14:47
do you guys know somethin' this website made me crazy... to surf more and more... and have a lot of fun!

To Rolffrolff.
ciao, ahoj, heja, czesz! Rolffrolff, 19 Mrt 2002 23:12
whatever you have done, you did it even the evil-
it could have been worse.

To Nothing.
too little thoughtforce.here Bob, 21 Dec 2001 17:14
light headed

To Gemma.
Poor Poor Bear. :@(bear.here Gemma, 21 Dec 2001 15:37
I feel so sorry for the poor poor bear.

To Nobody.
Hi Gemma Nobody, 21 Dec 2001 19:58
You didn't hurt it, did you?

To Gemma.
Heyya Gemma, 08 Jan 2002 15:50
I accidentally wrapped it in a rubber glove and wool... poor poor bear :@(

To Nothing.
title name , 26 Dec 2001 23:33

To Nothing.
titleHa HA nameXXX, 20 Jan 2002 13:11
textpoor bear!

To Nothing.
true thoughtphotograph.here anonymous, 21 Dec 2001 04:38
[this comment has been removed by Nobody, on request by the author.]

To Elmo.
Just me Elmo, 16 Mei 2002 22:50
Am I the only one that looks at the strangers in my photos? I thought everyone did. Oh well.

To Aliasalex.
*heart.here Aliasalex, 20 Dec 2001 23:21
like this 1

To Nothing.
This was my first name, 21 Dec 2001 21:39
meeting here.
At that time it wasn't a
e-card yet.
I like it a lot...

To Emmepem.
above message Emmepem, 21 Dec 2001 21:41
was from Emmepem

To Nothing.
questions and answersmoment.here micla, 20 Dec 2001 22:52
i wondered if u r a mad philosopher or a psycho-analyst, when i discovered your site and read ''moment of expectation''. but actually i think u r a poet with magic abilities, who keeps me caught ;-)

To Trevan.
we're the lab rats for his science Trevan, 22 Dec 2001 09:52
we've all been stuck by his web... and the more we move, the tighter the web becomes

To Marnie.
well... Marnie, 25 Dec 2001 09:26
that's fine with me, the web is familiar. ''oooh, whatever is that material? i must have it at once!'' anyway, what a beauteous way to be tangled (or to be reminded)

To Nothing.
hi... Sue, 16 Feb 2002 05:36
Some images are cute.
But, in general, the website is quite depressing.
Remember, the sun will rise again.

To Annadel.
depressing? Annadel, 30 Apr 2002 04:13
dear love, this site is like a warm house, bringing comfort to wandering souls too scared to face their dreams, too sane to stop to breath.
remember, behind the clouds the sky is bleu, derrière les nuages, le ciel est blue - profite le moment - je te rencontre entre les étoiles...

To Grace.
éspace vide Grace, 05 Nov 2002 18:40
entre les étoiles... quelque chose de la vérité et quelque chose belle.

To Aliasalex.
?eye.here Aliasalex, 20 Dec 2001 22:28
dont like this one, the only thing to do is hurt someone. thats not good

To Nobody.
It didn't hurt much. Nobody, 20 Dec 2001 22:51
Really. I'm allright.

To Emmepem.
Hurt someone Emmepem, 21 Dec 2001 21:22
only virtual,
you will feel like an angel.

To Nothing.
noses jo jo, 13 Jan 2002 18:57
yes i will

To Kimberkid.
random acts of cruelty. Kimberkid, 07 Apr 2002 06:44
oweeee. this one made my heart (and my eye) hurt

To Nothing.
escapeescape.here no-name, 20 Dec 2001 22:00
alone in a crowd or crowded even if alone .. escape

To Aliasalex.
* Aliasalex, 20 Dec 2001 22:15
u should never try to escape the urge to leave...just dont let it take over

To Nothing.
wallpaper....wallpaper.here heidi, 20 Dec 2001 20:02
The wallpaper was fasinating. Your choice of textures and colors were interesting. Do they reflect your personality?

To Nobody.
title Nobody, 20 Dec 2001 17:14

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