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To Nettie.
soo000OOOooo creative and neat... Nettie, 20 Dec 2001 15:46
I mean this ''nobodyhere'' site... and thanks for being accepted in this way

To Nobody.
Thanks! Nobody, 20 Dec 2001 17:00
And welcome Nettie!

To Nothing.
titlesuperman.here name, 20 Dec 2001 15:18

To Nothing.
no title just me, 21 Mei 2002 21:36
another text

To Nothing.
super tarjeta sebastian, 20 Jul 2002 11:23
Para tu coleccion

To Nothing.
super tarjeta sebastian, 20 Jul 2002 11:25
para tu coleccion

To Nothing.
A great site molko, 20 Dec 2001 11:09
it is a great site for the people who're feeling idle and useless, i like it very much, stay beautiful

To Akatalin.
titlemoth.here Akatalin, 20 Dec 2001 09:31
I'm sorry

To Nobody.
That's ok. Nobody, 20 Dec 2001 17:01
Welcome Akatalin!

To Akatalin.
thanks Akatalin, 26 Jan 2002 06:15
thanks for the welcome

To Nothing.
titlebear.here name, 20 Dec 2001 08:10

To Nothing.
title name , 26 Dec 2001 23:34

To Nothing.
heyroots.here alyxa, england, 20 Dec 2001 02:37
i love this

To Nothing.
titleroots.here name, 20 Dec 2001 02:37

To Nothing.
Whoa! Elizabeth, 21 Dec 2001 02:19
Whoa! This stuff is really, really good. I am extremely impressed. A lot of these pages have really touched me. A very good friend of mine linked me to this page. He seemed to like it so I decided to check it out. WhoA! Great stuff!

To Nothing.
AnimationBattle.com name, 20 Dec 2001 01:06
Sinds vorige week is

AnimationBattle.com moet een plaats worden waar animators (alle disciplines) van over de hele wereld hun experimenten en oefeningen in een geweldadige context kunnen gieten.
We hebben een voorzetje gegeven met 6 filmpjes.

'the basic idea is for animators to have fun and try-out any new techniques for themselves within the context of one big nasty fight.'

Have a look
Spread the word
and join!


Isaak de Heer
Groningen/ Berlijn

To Emmepem.
I feel like a host... Emmepem, 20 Dec 2001 00:31
This can be such a funny way to communicate with other bugs. I came over from the dutch page, wanted to look at the english bugs.
No way, only unindentified spiders.
Come on, join...

To Aliasalex.
;) Aliasalex, 20 Dec 2001 22:08
im not an unidentified spider. im a welsh bug enjoying some quality time with nobody

To Emmepem.
same to me! Emmepem, 21 Dec 2001 21:14
Did you have a look on the dutch side?

To Nothing.
coffee staincoffee.here marnie, 20 Dec 2001 00:28
sometimes that's the only thing someone leaves behind.

To Adonais.
coffee stain Adonais, 25 Dec 2001 08:34
sometimes i wish that to be the only thing someone leaves behind

To Nothing.
coffee stains skarker, 03 Feb 2002 19:19
amonia gets them out

To Nothing.
sigh Elaina, 01 Apr 2005 23:54
sometimes i want to be nothing more than a left behind coffee stain....

To Nothing.
Left Behind Coffee Stain Taylor, 01 Dec 2013 22:18
It'd be much easier that way. I'd probably still find something to complain about though...

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