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House of Cardscards.here Andrea, 11 Jan 2002 19:00
Why can't I know you down?????

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The Plethora of Existencenose.here Underneath the World - Lin, 11 Jan 2002 13:18
It was a train of unrelated random events that lead me to this web site, and it's wonderful links of ideology and random thought. And I am in, I could spend countless hours here. The nose is amazing, the hearts breaking is a mirror of my own philosophy.. you sir are a genius.

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title Freddie The Frog Song name Freddie The Frog, 10 Jan 2002 22:40
I`m Freddie the frog-dum dum
I sit on my log-dum dum
At the edge of the bog-dum dum
When I get a chance-dum dum
I eat insects and ants-dum dum
Then I crap my pants-dum dum
So watch out insects-dum dum
You could be next-dum dum
End of this text-dum dum

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Understandingconversation.here name, 10 Jan 2002 20:13
Wow! This hits home. It seems that some of the visitors to this site just don't understand the beautiful intricacies of an introverted mind. Kudos my brother. Keep up the great work!

To Nothing.
understanding christian, 13 Sep 2002 01:46
agreed. very well done.

To Grace.
introversion Grace, 15 Okt 2002 00:55
is something i adore. it helps me get through the day, so i dont have to be forced to converse with people i do not enjoy for the sake of conversation, thought, or anything like. kudos ;)

To Nothing.
fjehpesjfcoffee.here jdspaj, 10 Jan 2002 18:06

To Nothing.
mental notememo.here sweet drake, 10 Jan 2002 06:15
reading about writing is just another excuse not to write. maybe thats why i read so much.

i'll never get a pulitzer this way.

To Nothing.
bearly therebear.here Ted. E. Bare, 10 Jan 2002 06:05
i can't bear it

To Nothing.
bearly therebear.here Ted. E. Bare, 10 Jan 2002 06:04
i can't bear it

To Nyarwen.
yup Nyarwen, 10 Jan 2002 01:28
so it seems. *yawn* i am feeling peaceful. my hair is bright red. i listen to too much music. sleep.

To Moos.
yoOAAAah Moos, 09 Jan 2002 11:04

To Nobody.
Welcome Moos Nobody, 09 Jan 2002 11:18
schtiiis. indeed.

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