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To Softsoggytaco
meow Softsoggytaco, 04 Feb 2023 23:07

To Sjeu
When you label something Sjeu, 04 Feb 2023 19:24
you don't yet fully understand, you're actually labeling your ignorance. Your personal filters can debilitate quality of life.

It can be interesting to freely explore the empty space around something you perceive. With only feelings of wonder. Can you see how the open space around 'something' is way bigger and more expansive? While it still defines that 'something'. It might take some practice but to observe life like this, feels free and powerful. It removes restrictions in perception.

To Sjeu
Restruimte Sjeu, 04 Feb 2023 19:27
Toen zag ik
hoe de stilte
om het woord

Ook zag ik
dat de stilte
van het woord

En zag ik
in die stilte
om het woord

Dus ik dacht, wacht;
Stilte met kracht
Dat is hier

Ook om
en in


To Sjeu
Residual space Sjeu, 04 Feb 2023 19:27
Suddenly I saw
silence crawl
around the

And then I saw
silence win
from the

I saw the strength
in this silence
around the

So then I thought, wait..
This powerful silence
can be anywhere

Also around
& within


(Loose translation of the poem in Dutch above)

To Ratbastard
Strange Ratbastard, 01 Feb 2023 20:00
There’s a color you can think of, but can’t quite name,
There's a tune you can hear, but just can’t sing,
There’s emotions that you’ve felt, but cannot explain,
Maybe I’m just weird.

To Sjeu
Not weird to me.. Sjeu, 02 Feb 2023 15:58
Words sometimes limit meaning. Just because something has no name, doesn't mean it isn't there. Your perception is everything. To define can also mean decline.

In school I learned that in a healthy state, we all have 5 senses. Eyes see, ears hear, noses smell, tongues taste and with the nerves woven through our skin we can experience bodily sensations. Buddhism states there is a 6th sense; your spirit that is aware of ideas and mental concepts.

To Sjeu
6th sense Sjeu, 02 Feb 2023 15:59
A couple of years ago I did an in depth course in tantric dance and here I was handed this notion that you can think of your heart as a sensory too. The sense that connects. It makes connections. It connects you with yourself and it connects you with other people, animals, nature, etc.

To Sjeu
Yes Sjeu, 02 Feb 2023 16:00
I thought it was a beautiful insight. My heart as a sensory that enables me to feel connection. It can help me practice being in the moment, being aware of myself and others. Its a journey. Beautiful, messy and sometimes scary. To discover it's vastness. Does it have a beginning? Where does it end?

To Parrxtkun
:)pool.here Parrxtkun, 30 Jan 2023 15:47
the bandaid is great at swimming :)

To Ratbastard
Behold! Ratbastard, 30 Jan 2023 13:59

To Parrxtkun
falling down the rabbitholeears.here Parrxtkun, 30 Jan 2023 01:33
this website is so cool

To Luvtheo
alligator Luvtheo, 27 Jan 2023 20:21

To Sjeu
Aw.. :-D cat.here Sjeu, 23 Jan 2023 15:15
My cat is called Tof and he's just the best! To have pets around is a true bliss. I also have 2 dogs and 2 dwarf parrots. They all get along so well, which makes me a very happy furry & feather mom.

Maybe someday you will get another cat and then name it something more meowy :-)

To Sjeu
But to be frank, my little lady dog Sjeu, 24 Jan 2023 18:20
used to have a habit of walking the excact opposite way when I'd call her. Her early past caused her to have a complicated attachement style. I just kept on inviting her and supporting her to join the rest of us at her own pace and in her own way. So glad that she was able to grow more confidence and she now dares to take up and own her space. You see each animal has it's own character (and manual) :-) And just like us, they show resilience when given love and some space.

To Sjeu
She tought me how to hold her Sjeu, 31 Jan 2023 21:53
in a supportive way where she can feel comfortable while being close. To her it's important that she can view her surroundings and she needs her front paws to be free. She calms down when I support her waist and with my other hand I hold her rear paws together. My other animals love that too. That's how they know I'm there for them and they can relax. I hold her to my chest while taking deep breaths in. Then I move my focus to how much I love her and breath out through my heart, into her.

To Sjeu
Jippie Jofel Sjeu, 31 Jan 2023 22:08
When she lies besides me (usually tight against my back, or just chilling on her back with one paw touching me, I feel so very blessed. We've come a long way. She is very smart and has the sweetest smile. I'm very proud of her.

Her twin brother always wants to be as close as possible. Wants to sit on my lap all the time and asks for attention a lot. He learned to give her space too. She now communicates her boundries well and eventhough she's smaller, she knows how to deal with his dominance.

To Sjeu
I love it Sjeu, 31 Jan 2023 22:22
when all three bundle their furryness and snuggle up next to me. They see the cat as their sibbling. They are all about the same size. They take great care of me. They escort me to the bathroom :-) They take me to bed. Sometimes at night the cat goes hunting but as soon as my dogs see me wake up in the morning, one of them runs into the back yard and barks in a certain way and then return with the cat into the house for our little grouphug and some playtime. How's that for a morning routine :-)

To Solacedsoon
A little spring cleaning :)trash.here Solacedsoon, 23 Jan 2023 13:24
I'm glad your site is no longer relegated to the adobe flash graveyard that continues to grow. The updates look great. The hermit crab was the most fun. :)

To Swims
Spring cleaning? Swims, 23 Jan 2023 14:47
We are still in winter though.

To Solacedsoon
I'm not that kind of spring Solacedsoon, 24 Jan 2023 00:29
Errrr, oops. I meant... he's cleaning his springs...


To Sjeu
Yes indeed Sjeu, 23 Jan 2023 15:34
there are some true treasures in that trashbin. The hermit crab is one of my favourites too. Maybe it's in the familiarity of traits ;-)


To Nobody
thank you for sticking around! Nobody, 24 Jan 2023 03:21
The hermit crab was a lot of fun. I'm thinking of getting a frog next...

To Zernoandzen
i love everyone Zernoandzen, 22 Jan 2023 06:09
everyone is so nice and i love them i love people i lov e interacting witht he people of the earth the people of trhe earth. interact love love love love

To Nobody
That's a lovely insect Nobody, 24 Jan 2023 03:22
How the heck did you pick that one?

To Birdmigrane
you'e.. Birdmigrane, 24 Jan 2023 18:03
everything.. quite literally

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