passion A sincere wish arisen from meaningful thoughts and sensitive awareness, can encorage confident conduction.

Whether making the wish a veritable circumstance, 
or the outcome of a selective process,
Knowing the difference between a only percived and a performed manifestation of ones surreal creations has an effect. 
It doesen't make any wish redundant to me, but can create a second wish to proceed the first one.

Oh sweet irony

I like the subtile difference between the two conclusions of yours.Greetings Helloto wish or not to wish ! it is just a reflection of your emotion.The current version The current version contains more hope :)
The older version implies that all hope is gone/meaningless, where the current one implies the whole ''hope is in the eye of the beholder'', which I think is really sweet and meaningful.yeah no i think the hope version says what yr saying? im confused now

Wishing leads to nothing.
Nothing but hope,
which you can decide
is all you really need.