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To Matthew.
Bite your tongue Matthew, 25 Feb 2017 05:27
I could pass the time. I could hold my breath and count to ten. I could count every last wrapper on my bedroom floor. I could break each of my fingers and let them heal. I could write a poem.
But I still get no response.

To Matthew.
You Matthew, 25 Feb 2017 05:31
Destroy me in the best ways.

To Matthew.
I just wonder Matthew, 25 Feb 2017 05:32
Will you try for me? Will you, will you.
Ignite the gasoline on my wounded frame.

To Matthew.
Watch me Matthew, 25 Feb 2017 05:33

To Matthew.
Bated. Matthew, 25 Feb 2017 05:34
My bones crack like logs as I scorch.

To Matthew.
People would say to me Matthew, 21 Feb 2017 20:03
You'll never find love
but I found him

To Bigbelly.
Must have been hard Bigbelly, 23 Feb 2017 15:09
giving out drinks until the cows come home? But youre right... dont judge a book by the size of its belly!

To Slag.
When Slag, 11 Feb 2017 02:34
is later, Jogchem?

To Shiver.
This is not Shiver, 18 Feb 2017 16:13
What life is all about. Yours, mine or Jogchems. Some people will try to make a life for themselves based on pretence.

To Slag.
Eh? Slag, 21 Feb 2017 18:36

To Matthew.
I want Matthew, 21 Feb 2017 20:10
My sink back dammit, let me waste time dinking my ant around against a browser window

To Bigbelly.
Damn you Matthew Bigbelly, 23 Feb 2017 15:06
the sink belongs to all of us. Not just the big wigs and bartenders. I want the sink you cant have it!

To Ragdoj.
What is this exactly? Ragdoj, 09 Feb 2017 08:21
Read above

To Esahconefifeteen.
It is what it is,... Esahconefifeteen, 22 Feb 2017 02:38
Most likely some sort of art project turned community. I like to write here now and then.

To Wastadime.
Back to the start.free.here Wastadime, 01 Feb 2017 08:38
Real freedom is a decicion, that everyone can make.
It starts with taking you the way you are, and can lead to accomplishing everithing you desire.

The other way round is just torture.

Well I tried at least, and every mean rock on the way questioned my actions. I can't stand it anymore. Unless...
I'm really certain, that I like me, just the stubbern way I am.

To Ragdoj.
What is freedom? Ragdoj, 09 Feb 2017 08:41
How i will know that i'm free after all? I mean, even if i do everything that i have to do there is always another thing haunting my mind, and i don't think that somebody in this life have experienced freedom, at least real freedom. I don't think that we have experienced anything real after all.

To Orangesnewblack.
Has been a busy first week at my new job Orangesnewblack, 30 Jan 2017 02:26
Loving the power of the pen!

To Baxter.
in the sink Baxter, 31 Jan 2017 07:55
what ever happened to bugs in the sink chatting?

To Salote.
nobody Salote, 01 Feb 2017 06:23
has patience to wait in the sink for more than 30 seconds! Aloha ~

To Juweeltje.
jogchem has no time Juweeltje, 09 Feb 2017 10:48
to fix the sink.

To Bread.
Soconditions.here Bread, 27 Jan 2017 15:58
What am I commiting to here?

To Fosbau.
Dolphinsneighbor.here Fosbau, 22 Jan 2017 20:46
I heard dolphins, is that normal?

To Kira.
Yes maybe Kira, 26 Jan 2017 07:53
I heard someone eating a sandwich, and what sounded like bleating. A sheep maybe.

To Kira.
Oh! Kira, 26 Jan 2017 07:55
He is talking to me! I heard him speak.

To Fosbau.
=0 Fosbau, 29 Jan 2017 19:24
I hope he gave you wishes

To Fosbau.
deathnote Fosbau, 29 Jan 2017 19:25
Also, do you know what kira means in japanese? It means killer =)

To Fosbau.
well Fosbau, 22 Jan 2017 20:17
I just found this place for some odd reason, and I was hoping to find some info on BUGS. If anyone has any info on this website, feel free to ask =)

To Animoo.
I really don't know Animoo, 23 Jan 2017 11:16
It just seems to be about some sort of checklist or something. I don't get the purpose of it, but I hope this helps.


To Softlounge.
yes Softlounge, 05 Feb 2017 03:09
this is nobody here.
we are the bugs

To Billybox.
Coffee is dark Billybox, 22 Jan 2017 13:48
But the white sugar cubes just blend right in. There is no war between the sugar and the coffee. In fact they compliment each other nicely. Like Coffee mugs on a table. Before someone turns over the tables. That makes me think about poison. Poison is an uncalled for and unwelcome intrusion into your life. Still. I guess theyre good at making money even if they are making unwelcome moves in the guest room

To Cornelius.
Who knew Cornelius, 22 Jan 2017 13:52
Who fucking knew that the night time was fighting a fucking war against the day time a! Who fucking knew

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