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To Dangergal.
I love you Dangergal, 27 Mrt 2017 11:56

To Ithinkimlost.
:( Ithinkimlost, 26 Mrt 2017 16:38
I just want to be happy...

To Buggyvaelvictus.
Hey, I'm a bug. Get it? Buggyvaelvictus, 26 Mrt 2017 03:32
I couldn't resist.

To Vaelvictus.
This is clever of you, sir! Vaelvictus, 26 Mrt 2017 15:31
Now I must eat and grow in preparation for pupating.

To Billybox.
As it is Billybox, 24 Mrt 2017 04:57
Every action has a reaction

To Susant.
as it is Susant, 23 Mrt 2017 18:40
every action has an experience

To Junaid.
junaid-star Junaid, 22 Mrt 2017 11:04
I can't tell if
it's killing me
or it's making me


To Bigbelly.
Or is it Bigbelly, 21 Mrt 2017 10:20
so you could see how your hacking was fairing? Tempus Fugit then were having fun.

To Shiver.
Why Shiver, 21 Mrt 2017 10:12
did you want to chat to me though? Is it because I was The King yesterday?

To Fsls.
I AM Fsls, 21 Mrt 2017 09:19

To Shiver.
Hi everyone Shiver, 20 Mrt 2017 19:41
I'd like to properly introduce myself. My name is Shiver. I'm 39 years old. Mad. Oh and I'm The King of Heaven!

How are you today?

P.S. The powers at work is me lol

To Bigbelly.
Hi everyone Bigbelly, 20 Mrt 2017 21:48
Its me again. You know, me!

Anyway. I hereby renounce my Kingship, and give it all to the jews. Especially Yahweh, who was God before me anyway. I think.

Thanks. Bye!

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